The Israeli rock band

El Hameshorer

("To the poet")


Two Gentlemen in the Snow

The Warsaw Ghetto Poems by Władysław Szlengel

Unique, chilling and touching rock show - a musical-memorial project dedicated to the sharp, sarcastic, and compassionate songs written by the most prominent and beloved poet in the Warsaw Ghetto

Władysław Szlengel

The poems of Władysław Szlengel, a Jewish-Polish poet and lyricist, were written in the Warsaw ghetto underground and were passed from one to another, from bunker to bunker. Tens of thousands of the Warsaw ghetto's Jews read them. In his poems, Szlengel expressed the community's thoughts and emotions and articulated the injustice, the Nazi's brutality, and the helplessness of the every-day Jew who had lost everything.


In May 1943, Szlengel was killed in the main bunker during the Warsaw Ghetto's Uprising while in his early thirties. Before he was murdered, he successfully smuggled a notebook with his poems outside the ghetto. He named the notebook "What I read to the dead", and by a miracle, it survived.

The poems were published in Poland, 1977. In 1987 his songs were translated by Holocaust survivor, Halina Birenbaum, and were published in Hebrew.

In 2017 El Hameshorer recorded an album of Szlengel's poems with new Hebrew translations and original music written by the members of the band and produced by Oded Perach (work with Berry Sakharof, Johnny Shuali, and many others.)

The Band

El Hameshorer is an Israeli rock band that specializes in composing and reviving Poets' songs. The first album of El Hameshorer: "Hayim Nachman Bialik" (2010) was dedicated to the poems of the Jewish national poet. The second album, "Two Gentlemen in the Snow – The Poems of Wladyslaw Szlengel from Warsaw Ghetto", commemorates the poems of the popular poet of the Warsaw ghetto, who described the feelings of the starved, desperate Jews under Nazism.


The band performs the Hebrew songs in Israel and around the world.

El Hameshorer members are:

Boaz Albert Vocals & Guitars

Tal Goldberg Guitars

Ido Kagan Bass Guitar

Uri Meiselman Drums.

The Music
Ships Sails On
Official Video Clip
A Page from the Diary of the Actions
Iive at Barby, Tel Aviv
Liron Teeni
Journalist and radio broadcaster

"Even though the poems were written in the darkest times of humanity, some of them feel very relevant […] this album is like a punch in the stomach."

7 Nights

 "el hameshorer took a sadness bomb – poems written in the Warsaw Ghetto by Wladyslaw Szlengel, and wrapped them with an impressive album and excellent musical performance."

Leon Feldman
Radio broadcaster and editor
Kol Hacampus & Hakatze Radio

"Fantastic album […] A very powerful musical project. My stomach is throbbing […] a marvelous CD-Booklet pack."


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